Getting the basics right: a tale of two restaurants

Two restaurant visits in the space of a week reinforced my view that it’s getting the basics right that distinguishes a superior service from a purely functional one.

Back in August we were celebrating my eldest son’s birthday and arranged a couple of meals. The first was at the acclaimed South London restaurant Chez Bruce and the second was at Locale, an Italian restaurant near the London Eye. These are two very different restaurants: Continue reading “Getting the basics right: a tale of two restaurants”

Basic etiquette: the foundation for superior service

If you want to lay the foundation for superior customer service then one of the enablers you need to put in place is to make sure people have a basic level of etiquette or good manners.

I was recently on holiday in France and was struck by how French people are conditioned to be polite by comparison with the British. Carry out most transactions – however mundane – and you will be greeted with “Bonjour” at the start and “Bon journee” at the end – that’s the equivalent of “Good day” and “Have a nice day” to book-end the interaction. Continue reading “Basic etiquette: the foundation for superior service”