The customer’s role in superior service

It takes twoThe discussions on superior service examples yielded a detailed response from management consultant Jane Northcote ( whose take on superior service recognises that it’s a two-way transaction. Jane writes:

Customer service is traditionally regarded as an attribute of a company: Waitrose provides “good” customer service, An electronics discount  store provides “bad” customer service. Equally, however, it is true that customer service is an attribute of the customer.  Some people experience good customer service, and others bad, even from the same organisation. Why is this? Continue reading “The customer’s role in superior service”

Network your way to superior service

A recent post on the Wikinomics blog raises the question of how much time the use of Facebook and other social networking wastes at work. A recent study suggests 233 million working hours are lost each month due to Facebook. Rather than using shock statistics to impose a knee-jerk ban, companies should recognise the potential benefits of social networking to deliver superior service. Continue reading “Network your way to superior service”